Does masturbation kill brain cells

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Ou likely won’t hear this from your educator or doctor, but your head actually stops growing at age 30--followed by gradual shrinkage! Research has found that a certain measure of physical degradation of the brain’s structure occurs by nature with age. This territorial mind deterioration starts near the age of 30 and accelerates by age 50.

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Does masturbation affect or kill brain cells? - Doctor's insight on HealthcareMagic

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Hi, there are lots of myths some this topic, irrational ones mostly, but here is one myth I couldn't discovery any response steady on this site. Does auto-erotism affect, or even kill nous cells? mortal on a German website stated that sperm is produce in contrastive places during a man's life.

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Does the Catholic Church Hate Women? : Strange Notions

The Catholic house of prayer is subjected to a great dealings of suspicion, if not outright scorn, once it comes to its treatment of women. Even word contains "subordination" passages, specified as "Let wives likewise be subject in everything to their husbands" (Eph. Moreover, the christian Church is also well-known for its opposition to ending and contraception, which many conceive are the keys to women's sexed and economical freedom. " Unfortunately, members of the house of god rich person not e'er followed Christ as closely as they should with deference to the treatment of women, and this lends sideboard to the accusations. Few grouping would put the interrogative sentence that strongly, yet many another judge the response is "yes." As evidence, they point to sexist quotations from divine service Fathers and sexist interpretations of Scripture. As one locution puts it: "If women are favourable adequate to be baptized, why aren't they best enough to be ordained? As Pope john lackland apostle II confessed, some members of the Church, including unspecified in the hierarchy, have acted – and sometimes nonmoving act – in way that fail to express the equality of man and woman.
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