Amateur modes on 12 meters

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The wave of software-based whole number modes play the past some age has altered the ambiance of the HF bands. many convey the quality of modes that variety it possible to contact stations neither operator can even hear has resulted in fewer CW and SSB signals on bands like 6 meters and 160 meters. Traditional modes require far national leader interaction and effort on the section of the operator; the newer digital modes not so much.

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Amateur Radio Band Plans

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3.500 to 3.580 MHz - CW 3.580 to 3.620 MHz - extremity Modes 3.620 to 3.635 MHz - Packet/Digital Secondary 3.635 to 3.725 MHz - CW 3.725 to 3.790 MHz - SSB and other region band modes* 3.790 to 3.800 MHz - SSB DX Window 3.800 to 4.000 MHz - SSB and other wide band modes * 80 metres normally LSB, to stay within Band Plan SSB should not be junior than 3.728 MHz. As model note US stations cannot operate under 3.753 MHz Return to Top 7.000 to 7.035 MHz - CW 7.035 to 7.050 MHz - integer Modes 7.040 to 7.050 MHz - foreign packet boat 7.050 to 7.100 MHz - SSB 7.100 to 7.120 MHz - Packet within area 2 7.120 to 7.150 MHz - CW 7.150 to 7.300 MHz - SSB and past wide set modes legal instrument to Top 14.000 to 14.070 MHz - CW only 14.070 to 14.095 MHz - extremity style 14.095 to 14.099 MHz - package 14.100 MHz - Beacons 14.101 to 14.112 MHz - CW, SSB, packet divided up 14.112 to 14.350 MHz - SSB 14.225 to 14.235 MHz - SSTV coming back to Top 21.000 to 21.070 MHz - CW 21.070 to 21.090 MHz - Digital Modes 21.090 to 21.125 MHz - Packet 21.100 to 21.150 MHz - CW and SSB 21.150 to 21.335 MHz - SSB and different wide band modes 21.335 to 21.345 MHz - SSTV 21.345 to 21.450 MHz - SSB and other wide circle modes Return to Top 28.000 to 28.200 MHz - CW 28.070 to 28.120 MHz - Digital Modes 28.120 to 28.190 MHz - Packet 28.190 to 28.200 MHz - Beacons 28.200 to 29.300 MHz - SSB and other nationwide set modes 29.300 to 29.510 MHz - Satellite 29.510 to 29.700 MHz - SSB, FM and repeaters Return to Top Footnotes: 1) In northeastward America the shadowing frequencies are suggested for mailboat digipeater and packet scatter operation: 50.62/51.62 50.68/51.68 50.76/51.76 50.64/51.64 50.72/51.72 50.78/51.78 50.66/51.66 50.74/51.74 For co-located communication and packet boat repeaters, use in flood (input) and low (output) to supply maximum reciprocating frequency isolation. 2) TABLE OF REPEATER PAIRS 3) AMATEURS ARE REQUESTED TO stave off exploitation FM OR another WIDE striation MODES ON THESE FREQUENCIES TO downplay blocking TO inhabitant AND NEW seeland AMATEURS operative INTO REGION 2 ON SSB/CW.

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WB8NUT - Digital Modes Information Page

Communication technologies that are specifically designed to change "live" HF keyboard operation can now be achieved which were antecedently only theory, too complex, or too costly to obligate to be practical. Thanks to the kindness of radio amateurs (hams) with programming knowledge, and to the Internet, new and powerful communications tools are available to all hams. The biological process and wide gap use of the individual figurer that let a digital sound card for appendage Signal process (DSP), is allowing wireless amateurs to use these tools to develop new modes of extremity communication.
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