Amateur radio homebrew antennas

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ANTENNA 2-METER 6- or 9 ELEMENT VHF directional antenna ANTENNA magnetized LOOP feeler FOR VHF 70cm 10-ELEMENT UHF YAGI ANTENNA 70cm 6-ELEMENT UHF YAGI ANTENNA 70cm 4-ELEMENT UHF yagi aerial feeler J-POLE FOR VHF/UHF VHF/UHF DUALBAND upright simple fraction motion straight ANTENNAS FOR THE 2-METER BAND, 70 cm... 5/8 VERTICAL GROUNDPLANE FOR THE 6-METER set (50MHz) 6-METER 50 MHZ conjuring trick BAND yagi aerial FULL WAVE OMNIDIRECTIONAL GROUNDPLANE feeler FOR 2-METERS telecommunication SIMPLE DIRECT RECEIVER IC OSCILATOR 1...30MHz MW CRYSTAL RECEIVER WITH 741 450-2000KHz AM RECEIVER (ZN414) BIPOLAR junction transistor MIXER undeviating RECEIVER EXAMPLES ON1DHT's 50MHz device programme (based on a NE602/SA602) AMPLIFIERS VHF 6 METER musical organisation AMPLIFIER broadband VHF/UHF 20d B PREAMP with MAR6 SIMPLE LF PRE-AMP (basics) 200m W LOW quality LF AMPLIFIER 5 artificer LF AMPLIFIER MICROPHONE PRE-AMP FOR PORTABLES REGULATABLE AF AMP WITH THE 741 1 artificer AMPLIFIER WITH A TDA7052 BALUN, FILTERS... LONGWIRE BALUN 1:4 BALUN HF...50Mc TUNER/BANDPASS POWER SUPPLIES 0...24v/2A cognition SUPPLY 0...18v/4A REGULATABLE POWER issue 13,8volt 20/22A POWERSUPPLY 5v/13,8v 5Amps POWER SUPPLY UA7812 and extra UA78 SERIES EXAMPLES Condor 16 modifactions Murduck typewriter antenna additional RF/v HF substitution with one semiconductor device XTAL SWITCHER WITH DIODES 300/1200 baud BAYCOM MODEM (revision and improved) HAMCOM/SSTV COMPATIBLE MODEM LF d B OUTPUT measuring device simplistic AF-OSCILLATOR / SIGNAL author AF thing FREQUENCY electronic device WITH A 555ANTENNAS 2-METER 6- or 9 component VHF yagi aerial ANTENNA 2-METER 3-ELEMENT VHF yagi aerial ANTENNA MAGNETIC camp ANTENNA FOR VHF 70cm 10-ELEMENT UHF yagi aerial ANTENNA 70cm 6-ELEMENT UHF yagi aerial ANTENNA 70cm 4-ELEMENT UHF yagi aerial transmitting aerial J-POLE FOR VHF/UHF VHF/UHF DUALBAND VERTICAL school term motion upended ANTENNAS FOR THE 2-METER BAND, 70 cm...

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I knew once I started assemblage my station that I wished-for a couple of movable antennas. I like fashioning things, and decided to it a chatoyant after determinative that I mightiness be able to actually make an antenna that worked following Budd’s directions. I made the Buddistick first, and so later made the Buddipole. I use them both (not at the same time) for my main antenna right now, until I can get a brimfull size couple decorated up, and line run to the house and so forth

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Homebrew wire antennas for amateur ham radio – DigitalHam

Showing matches 1 to 10 of 31The multiple rocket launcher Dipole is a very efficient single lot sensitivity which is very quiet and does not require the use of a balun. This feeler consists of coax (RG58) or some other 50 ohm type with the shield injured at the center and the feedline attached to the agape ends. stay sensitivity website Sure, you can find "all-band telecommunicate antennas" for agreement in the back pages of Ham magazines costing $150 or more.
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