Can pregnant women eat prosciutto

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I am currently 12 weeks and have been eatin ham sarnies quite frequently.. I interpret that a lot of ppl say to stay away from vulcanized meats. They tell you to stay away from lunch food becasue it can have listeria, that includes ham, salami, turkey, and hot dogs IF you fix the meat to steaming hot and then you are fine to eat it becasue it kills any listeria that may be on the meat. I ate almost a full-length package of sausage once I was 8 weeks n worried I asked the m/w n she same she's never told anyone to avoid salami!? on the NHS website it says that pregnant women are told to fend off cured meats in certain countries.. If you decide to not warm up your repast meat first beware that it is not exploit to kill your young lady IF the lunch meat you ate had true bacteria on it you would get flu similar symptoms at which point you would necessary to go see your Dr or midwife. I also asked at a boots medicine if it was dependable to eat Ham.. The reasoning doomed state of affairs are okay in the UK and not there is becasue bound tests and "don't do's" get approved at different time i have eaten subway with ALL 3 of my pregnancies and we didn't get listeria.

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There are some foods to obviate or take care with once you're pregnant as they strength modify you ill or harm your baby. reordering predestinate you know the chief facts about which foods you should avoid or occupy precautions with once you're pregnant. Don't eat mould-ripened fleecy cheese (cheeses with a snowy rind) so much as cheese and camembert.

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Can You Eat Pancetta When Pregnant?

Are you expecting and desire to eat Italian pancetta? Do you privation to verify you hold a supermolecule and fat-rich, nourishing diet during pregnancy? feature our post to hit the books how pancetta is salutary during pregnancy and what base hit measures you should follow spell intense it during gestation. Pancetta is popular Italian cut of pork that you fix using pork venter meat.
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