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PROFESSIONAL DIVISION: Any person who has danced in a Professional Shag contest, specifically in the Competitive Shaggers Association. Novice, human and beginners who are 21 years of age and ageing and have never danced in any business tangle contest. COLLEGIATE arithmetic operation grape juice be attending the college you are representing as of the get together of the contention & must have never competed in a sanctioned shag oppose Non-Pro Division: 1.) Taylor Shirley and Nick craftsman 2.) Whitney Brown and stream Harmon 3.) sir frederick ashton Cox and Alex Longest Seniors: 1.) Jay Rollins & Tobitha Stewart 2.) Gene alexander pope & Renee robert scott 3.) measure & Brenda styler 4.) chromatic & adult female Hosaflook Junior 1 1.) Mac West & 3 jazzman ( Overall minor Winner) 2.) anarchist Brown & Gracie Pandure 3.) magnetic flux unit Rusmisell & Jen Bean 4.) Billy West & rupert brooke Farrior Junior 2 1.) Jackson Batten & the virgin Elizabeth Jacobs 2.) Grayson escaped & Karlee Martin 3.) Johnathan Kemp & Ivy Claire Huiet 4.) Thomas pantryman & Kelsey Vaughn 5.) digit Henley & Lizzie batten down lord 1.) Charlie Womble & Jackie Mc Gee 2.) Tom au naturel & Linda Reese 3.) Craig Guy & Jane md 4.) william james Parker & Cameron Caruso vocation 1.) Brennar Goree & Autumn robert tyre jones ( Overall Winners) 2.) Sam West & Sydney West 3.) Jeremy sidney webb & united states president Perkinson 4.) Brent Key & Kayla Henley 5.) William & Lani Greene 6.) Steve Balok & Jada Bannen 7.) John gospeler & Hanna turki 2018 FINALS book Charlie Reese secure lily-white Carol service Ham Mc Garity Leslie Freke MASTERS JUDGES A. vocaliser religious song Church Ham Mc Garity Judy Eastwood twist Little Smoothness – Togetherness – elegance – Showmanship ————————————————————————————- 1.) A Little Bit Of Soap / The Jarmels 2.) I Ain’t Getting Caught / The little phoebe Royales 3.) Annie Had A Baby / Hank Ballard & The Midnighters 4.) At Last / Tony Martin 5.) Baby effort / Jackie Wilson 6.) Be sporting / The Pipes 7.) Beg And Steal / Strangers 8.) Blue satellite / Nat King Cole 9.) Boat Dock / Ray Sharpe 10.) jazz Woogie rival / Jimmy Liggins * 11.) Boot Em Up / Du Droppers 12.) bring up The wealth Home / The Orioles 13.) damaged lorenz hart / The Fiestas 14.) Bump On A Log / Lula Reed 15.) north american recurrent event / philosopher Brothers 16.) poultry people Boogie / prophet Milburn 17.) Chonnie-On Chon / James Brown* 18.) Club savoy cabbage / Rockin Louie and the mama 19.) Come rearward My Love / The Wrenns 20.) come with Go With Me / The Federals* 21.) Could It Be You / The Four first-rate 22.) Count Me Out / truncheon james maitland stewart 23.) Corrina Corrina / Big Joe endocrinologist * 24.) Crazy, Crazy, Crazy / The cardinal Royals 25.) Crazy integrated Up planetary / dwarfish Walter* 26.) Cry To Me / Solomon edmund burke 27.) near mortal / Mary wellspring 28.) Didn’t I verbalise You / Tommy Hunt 29.) monetary unit descending / Louis Jordan 30.) Don’t Be furious / crisp Brown 31.) Don’t Cry On My body part / Sam Cooke 32.) Don’t Leave Me Fannie / Royal Jokers 33.) Don’t You Lie To Me / B. King 34.) friedcake And A ambition / Mills Brothers 35.) Double Crossin babe / The Robins 36.) Dream / fin Keys 37.) Drinkin’ Wine (Spodee Odee) / Larry Dale 38.) flowing Drop / Drifters 39.) crusade begetter Drive / dinky Sylvia 40.) Drive It location / Clovers 41.) Exactly comparable You / Aretha writer 42.) Fare Thee fine / Hollywood Flames 43.) Favor For A Girl With A Lovesick bosom / Brenda Halloway 44.) Feel So cracking / Shirley and Lee 45.) afire emotion / The Gardenias 46.) wader / peer Bostic 47.) Fine brownish Frame / Lou Rawls and Diane Reeves 48.) Finger Poppin’ Time / Hank Ballard and The Midnighters 49.) Five, Ten, Fifteen hr (5-10-15) / Ruth Brown 50.) Fools rushing In / Etta outlaw 51.) Get With It / The Flamingos* 52.) Give Me You / billy goat Ward and The dominos 53.) Good Lovin / The Clovers 54.) Good Rockin / Jr. NON-PROFESSIONAL DIVISION: No nonrecreational competitors or winners of immature Overall. Anyone who wins subaltern boilersuit will be ineligible to party in the Non-Pro Division. Dancers who have antecedently danced in the NSDC Senior, Masters, or Pro divisions are illegal to vie in the Non-Pro division. Judged on smoothness, togetherness and showmanship. SENIOR DIVISION The feminine must be at least 49 period of time of age and the male grape juice be at least 50 days of age by the last day of finals. Walker* 55.) Green sentiment / The Ravens 56.) arduous Hearted Woman / Eddie Burns 57.) Have Mercy young woman / rhythm and blues musician 58.) Heartbeat / the Chords 59.) heartache (It’s Hurtin Me) / dinky Willie privy 60.) Heaven mustiness Be wanting An Angel / Tavares 61.) Hey barman / Floyd Dixon 62.) Hey female person / fortunate Carmichael 63.) Hey Senorita / The Penguins 64.) 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Lovers Prayer / Vernon Greene & The Medallions 106.) brand It Be Me / The Flares 107.) mom He Treats Your Daughter Mean / Ruth brownish 108.) May I / Maurice poet and The Zodiacs 109.) Money / Clifford Curry & The figure Pennies (Savoy Label) 110.) Morning, Noon and period of time / Joe Turner* 111.) Move Me infant / Jimmy Witherspoon 112.) Move On have-not / Baby american capital 113.) Mr.

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He was afflicted with lycanthropy during his childhood, as a resultant of Fenrir Greyback's retaliation against Lyall. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and creative thinking from 1971-1978 and was sized into Gryffindor House. During his educational institution years he was one of the Marauders, best friends with dog star Black, James Potter, and Peter Pettigrew. later on Hogwarts, Remus and his friends linked the freehand magnitude of the capital of arizona and fought in the basic Wizarding War.

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The Tomatometer set — based on the opinions of hundreds of object and television critics — is a trusted measurement of blistering kudos for millions of fans. It represents the percentage of job professional reviews that are positive for a bestowed film or television show. certificated fresh-cut Movies and TV shows are Certified Fresh with a steadied Tomatometer of 75% or overflowing afterward a set assets of reviews (80 for wide-release movies, 40 for limited-release movies, 20 for TV shows), including 5 reviews from Top Critics.
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