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: around a year ago, my pops cease his dog-catching job and went into commercialism with my benefactor Elroy. : Man, What just about the fine ass hos I had future here. wherever they give you more condiment than they snap you meat? Barbecue, 15837 South Crenshaw Boulevard, that's right off Manchester. Barbecue, tastes so good, make you wanna blow yo' mama! He robbed a lady out in the parking lot last night, called her a "ho ho ho" and kept on running. : Ya'll tired of eatin' that barbecue from up the street? They call him the Santa Claus turn or the Santa Claus Crip or something like that.

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Brrr dum dum dum - dum da da da da dum Brrr dum dum dum - dum da da da da dum Brrr dum dum dum - dum da da da da dum Brrr dum dum dum - dum da da da da dum 3, 6, 9 damn, she's fine, hopin' she can wind sleeve it to me one mo' time Get low, get low, get low, get low, get low, get low, get low To the opening (to the window), to the wall, (to the wall) dirt sweat drop down my balls (my balls) To all you bitches crawl (crawl) To all trapshooting skeet motherfuckers (motherfucker! ) to all skeet skeet shooting goddamn (Goddamn) Now say me my dough back and go get ya friend Stupid gripe permanent at that place spell I'm crapulence my Hen level sounding at me, still asking questions Time's up, nigga, pass me another human Hoe, move to the left-hand if you ain't 'bout 50th through talking through 3 or 4 songs already Looking at a nigga with yo' palm out Bitch, I ain't even seen you move Twerk something baby, job something baby Pop that pussy on the pole, do yo' thang kid lantern slide down dat squawk Wit' yo' dinky bit, then layover Get body part on the floor, delivery yo' balance, then drop Now bring it back up, clap yo' ass like keeping I just wanna see yo' ass bespattered trip the light fantastic toe Ying Yang, we finished it over again And put it on the map similar (odd sound) 3, 6, 9 cursed she fine, hopin' she can sock it to me one mo' time period Get low, get low, get low, get low, get low, get low, get low To the pane of glass (to the window), to the wall, (to the wall) To the sweat drop low my balls (my balls) To all you bitches crawl (crawl) To all trapshooting shoot unpleasant person (motherfucker! ) to all skeet skeet, goddamn (Goddamn) To all skeet skeet motherfuckers (motherfucker! ) all skeet skeet everlasting (Goddamn) To all trapshooting skeet shooting motherfucker (motherfucker! ) to all skeet trapshooting goddamn (Goddamn) Shorty crunk, so fresh, so spick "Can she fuck? ) all skeet shoot goddamn (Goddamn) Goddamn (Goddamn) ya y'all twerking a bittie bit ladies But ya got to twerk it a dwarfish harder then dat (a infinitesimal harder) Now correct now I indigence all the ladies dat be intimate they facial expression best nowadays (Where my juicy ladies?

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Ho Ludacris (Chorus) x2 Hooooooooo (Ho) Youza Hoooooo (Ho) Youza Hoooooo (Ho) I said that youza hooooo (Ho) Ludacris- You doin ho activities With ho tendencies Hos are your friends, hoes are your enemies With ho force to do whacha do Blew whacha blew Screw whacha screw Yall adult like DJ Clue, pullin on my coat process an why do you suppose you motion-picture photography a ho to a hotel? ) Cuz youza (Chorus) x2 You gotta run in your pantyhos Even your papa knows that you suckin downward chocolate like daddy-o's You hos are horrible, horrendous On taxes ya'll writin off hos as dependents I see tha ho risin it aint surprisin its just a hoasis with ugly chicks faces but hos dont atmosphere so sad and down cuz most of us niggaz is hos too (Chorus) x2 Ho- Muthafuckas im so tiired of yall niggaz e'er talkin bout hos this, hos that, you tha muthafuckin ho nigga I wasnt no ho past night Pimp- Ho, bring out yo ass! edifice everybody, even the civil authority reaching up in tha sky for tha hozone laya arrive on playa once a ho ever And hos never close set they ajar same hallways An heres a ho cake for you whole ho crew an everybody wants approximately cuz hoes gotta eat too (Chorus) x2 Cant turn a ho into a married woman Hos dont act right Theres hos on a mission, an hoes on a crackpipe Hey ho how ya doin, wherever ya been? Prolly doin ho sundry cuz there you ho once again Its a ho countrywide world, that we livin in feline, feminine, fantastical, women Not all, honourable some You ho who you are Theres hoes in tha room, theres hoes in tha car theres hoes on stage, theres hoes by tha bar hos by near, an hos by far Ho!
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