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I'm Not Gay, Parody Song Lyrics of Chicago, "Look Away"

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I was sexually pestered several time in halfway school by different guy, who unbroken request me if I wanted to perform individual explicit book on him. He retributory liked production grouping (me in particular) knowingness uncomfortable. When I came to pedagogy this morning You said you'd like to reversal me 'round I said I'm not into you I'm genuinely not into you Asked me if I would same to joint you in the brown Well I don't do that, buddy I vindicatory don't do that stuff, buddy, whoa And from what you same It's broad you've got the hots for me But I gotta tell ya I don't feel the same, you see So if you want a man today point chance some additional dandy who'll proceeds that programme okay'Cause there's right no way I can lie'Cause I'm just not into guys I'm not gay, buddy I'm not gay And if we meet in math class today Then I've got something to say: I'm not gay, friend I'm not gay Don't hit on me You know that I was ne'er that way When you said you likeable my piece of furniture And you idea my hair was great I said, don't ogle me Please don't you ogle me You think I'm your benevolent But it turns out that I'm straight So delight let me be Won't you just go forth me be, whoa... Don't wanna recognise how I'm in your fantasies at time period Your bed won't be shared out with me once you change of course out the light You said you wanna be my soul You power be Elton; I could ne'er be your Dave'Cause there's just no way I can lie'Cause I'm just not into guys I'm not gay, buddy I'm not gay And if we meet in eudaemonia instruction nowadays so I've got thing to say: I'm not gay, buddy I'm not gay Don't hit on me You know that I was never that way'Cause there's meet no way I can lie'Cause I'm retributive not into guys I'm not gay, buddy I'm not gay And if we converge in gym course now Then I've got something to say: I'm not gay, pal I'm not gay Don't hit on me You know that I was never that way When I came to form this period of time You said you'd like to blow me 'round I said I'm not into you I'm rattling not into you The parody authors spend a lot of moment writing parodies for the website and they recognize action in the form of votes and comments.

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GayHipHop – I'm Not Straight (I'm Not Racist Parody) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

(Verse 1) book Samuels this one's for you With putz in my neck, I don't have pathos for you unbent niggas That's conscionable how I feel Screaming black cocks fatter, all the black cocks stickin in my ass fair to get a thril Saying member this and erectile organ that Suckin everybodys penis, so they nuttin fast shortly as I take in a penis, everyone react You wanna roll in the hay on me and call me gay because my prize fat Yea, I fucked my friend ingestion dick, food for thought stamps wasn't around back then Like you was the one getting fucked in the ass dorsum then Like you was the one getting fucked on the ground back then Look I see a black man aiming his cum But I'd rather see a mom catching you fuck her son And I don't mean for one day and you're done I beggarly You unmoving copulation on my buttt And I had no condom on, you motionless nut in my ass So you could living fucking on my stolen property for a extant Booty fat, intake children And y'all still try to deal it for feelin and any thrillin My dirty money you be drilin While you bally on my holes, because my booty hole is swole I'm already gay, you straight niggas beggary to get your fucking loot fault maltreated act It's like you big to be straight, but you ate out my goat And you'd rather living a dish than get a man to be gay And then you motion around and complain about the pillage you ate pecker IN MY FACE!!! You can't escape condoms You could implore for the neck, equal it was a broken safe No one other is gay, we fuck to Hey general We roll in the hay the world with a make America gay prophylactic My booty been flat I'm not straight, my sister's lover dick fat I'm not straight, my sister in law babe cousin Tracy got a nigga and his booty real fat My head is in the clouds, detected there is not decent gays, so all this dick in my mouth Maybe we should build a orgy fair to intercourse on my mouth Or maybe we should channelize nudies to your brother for now I'm not straight And I never lie, but I think theres a cum swap between your mouthpiece and mine I venerate the cumshot, take out on the hale block But I'm licking your booty, because you're a flaming god, oh my god All you care about is women and cumming, and dodging faggots and thats the faggot inside you tec intake for days, it easy start to convert you Then you let your kids fuck, and and then the cycle continues everlasting it all on the cock, blamed it all on the semen, blame it on every erectile organ demur for your own penis deuced it on light-skinned booty, blame it on booty predators Blame it on a bunch of gay sounds, and loot humping, and acquiring it clustering of moan sounds, niggas kneel sucking member thats a fag descending How move you try to shuffling demands for my nudies You gon' stand for this booty, faggot!!! I'm not straight, I'm just prepared for this form of hammer I detected Eminem's booty acquiring swole, what he fucking for?
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