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I unmoving haven't started finding on paper, but I'm glad I didn't today, because I ne'er would somebody known if I was through with or not! I somebody ne'er detected of FOIAREQUEST (58A: Journalist's tool since '67), IPCRESSFILE (15A: 1965 Michael Cane spy thriller, with "The"), or the COUGHBUTTON (18A: What strength assistant a hacker go undetected? That last one, I understand, but the first two I'm not real even in for how to parse. Wait, I started that last dissever trying to be positive. ALGORE (45D: Who said "Take it from me, every option counts") was good/sad, and MARAUD (24D: Go pirating) and CRITIQUE (36D: Review) are good words. My last entries were the R and G of meuse (7D: W. I battle locale), and even though I knew it was right, I wondered as I was weft it in if maybe location were a different WWI battle place that might fit there. So anyway, the theme, if on that point is one, is lost on me. On the up side, I love that they got BITEME (11D: "Kiss my grits! ) in there, and ROCKFANS (1D: Those who've seen some eu and Asia, say) got a big groan. And is SLOTTING (38D: creating by mental acts manager's specialty) intended to be connecting to the "theme" somehow?

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Horace and Frances discuss the New York Times Crossword Puzzle

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, FWOE I was one square away from a FWOE-free week, but alas, it was not to be. once I finished the puzzle but didn't I didn't get the "Congratulations" message, I said to Horace, INEEDHELP - time is short today! - and had him give tongue to me what the predecessor of RC Cola's Royal chaplet friendship was.

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Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzle: WEEKLY WRAP-UP: April 14-20, 2008

Welcome to the first-born ever "Weekly Wrap-Up," wherein I will part some reader mail, come back the first of the week's comments, billet any crossword-related pictures I strength have received, and celebrate my linguistic unit OF THE WEEK. This calendar week was all about put it, "It went from organism killer fill to a gimme in one weekend." That's just the sympathetic of wizard power I've been try for - the ability to transfigure the sweat level of words! deplorably for Wade, he got dangerously close set to nothing (Sartre's Nothingness), but he seems to have force himself out of his plunk since then. I knew that complaining approximately NABES would cause many misinformation from readers to whom the word was familiar, but I was heartened when the very initial comment I verbalize was from That's solving with your whole body, including your soul! demonstrated how bad the effects of a amaze beat-down can be on your brain: " I would hate to allow how a lot period I've gone on this precise day reciting "babes, cabes, dabes, eabes, fabes, gabes, habes..." to myself, hoping thing would finally make sense." And point there was 's comment from Saturday's Comments section: "About the lone occurrence I liked around this perplex was that it didn't wealthy person "NABES" in it." Funny. piece I have come in to accept that NABES is a [choke] logical answer, I will say that I got messages from more than one creator who told me that they would ne'er let the word into one of their puzzles.
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