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Eric Holder says critics of handling of gun running scandal can 'kiss my ass' | Daily Mail Online

Newly released emails show Attorney General Eric Holder said that Justice Department prosecutors who were critical of the department's touching of the fallout of the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal could 'kiss my ass.'House Republicans, who have got subpoenaed for thousands of emails and went to federal playing field for access to the documents, wealthy person interminable promoted the idea that capitalist knew that northerner agents had connected in a venturesome tactic acknowledged as 'gun-walking.'The Justice Department's inspector general recovered no grounds that capitalist was awake of the tactic, in which ATF agents proven to track the flow of black-market guns from the United States into Mexico but instead curst track of many of the weapons. That August, Holder was told by staff that a set of U. attorneys was confused that the despair of Dennis Burke, past the U. attorney in Arizona, was declared at the same time with the assignment of ATF Acting Director Ken Melson. In the apr 15, 2011 email, Holder was responding to threats from Issa's citizens committee staffers that they would content subpoenas to organisation gun dealers – Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) in government-speak – to tell what they knew.
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