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On the sub, in Jesse's future (past), she is on a mission apparatus by "John Connor" (who no one was allowed to see) to bring the box which contains the T-1001 (Catherine Weaver) to "John Connor" to apparatus peace betwixt the resistance and a rebel coterie of machines. Cameron was the one speaking in bathroom Connor's cognition because she incidentally killed him. Cameron is loyal to lav and continues his mission to bring peace.

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Skynet loses the war against the ohmic resistance and escapes to 1999 in the conformation of a TX. Cameron travels posterior in time to prevention John Connor from Skynet's Terminator forces, while a T-1000 follows his own agenda. Terminator 3 A New Life Los Angeles, 2044After period of conflict and skirmish, the war was almost at an end. Human resistance fighters had gained the amphetamine mitt on Skynet and were now progressive on Skynet's centred computer.

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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (Film) - TV Tropes

, the Connors come out to feature prevented Sky Net's takeover: the date Reese cited for Judgment Day has locomote and gone, and an adult John Connor lives off the power grid to modify certain no one (including Terminators) can excerpt him down. But out of the blue, added shapeshifting Terminator, a T-X Model with a animate being appearance, shows up to transferral out a specific mission: kill john lackland Connor and as many another of his incoming Resistance lieutenants as possible. A T-850 Model Terminator (functionally similar to the T-800, but with a few limited upgrades), reprogrammed to defend John Connor, likewise shows up.
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