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Everyday there’s news/outrage about the latest feminine tragedy, the “war on women” the #SJW feminist women, the body-shaming women. plane when we don’t want to be cheered up, you soundless try. plane if your class gives you “the look” I’d equal to guess that deep down she’s not plotting to smother you with a pillow when you snore; she’s appreciating your good humor. and so there’s “rape culture” and “male privilege,” and “micro-aggression.” Seems to me, if you’re a man in this world, there’s nothing you can do right. If you verbalize a womanhood she’s pretty, you’re reduction her to just her looks. Bar and enclosure the doors, the feminists volition stab you with their hard knives. If you tell a woman she’s smart, you’re a sexist for organism flabbergasted that she’s fashionable and more than than just her body. symptomless as a woman (yeah, it’s Courtney Kirchoff here, not Steven Crowder), here’s something you need to know: women love men. Okay, several feminist keyboards somebody been reduced to dust.

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Tube Crush finds women want men with ‘muscles and money’ | Daily Mail Online

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Women are much aforementioned to be the less superficial sex when it comes to what they brainstorm attractive. But a study of an online gallery of 'hot virile commuters' has found that the fairer sex are fair as dilettantish as men – as they find muscles and monetary system the sexiest young-begetting attributes. The study supported its findings on a website titled tube-shaped structure Crush, where women and gay men secretly act pictures of the capital's attractive men on the London Underground.

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Recreating Vintage Ads to Reverse Gender Roles | Fstoppers

What happens when a visual artist overhears his uncles discussing how women "are better off cooking, taking care of the kitchen, and fulfilling their 'womanly duties? '" Eli Rezkallah, who's a photographer and a optical artist currently residing in Beirut, came up with the idea of creating a controversial set of photographs that opposition the handed-down gender roles, that had been so strongly embedded within our fellowship done advertisement during the 20th century. smooth although today our roles and genders themselves are becoming more fluid, it came as a affect to Rezkallah that approximately men still hold onto these sex character perceptions today.
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