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220 2S Jfnndnlabrj'dmmna'Upamsbnd of S'nkla-Ya 3 urvcda 243 2^ Kaijlabmdu-Upanisbad of Rg\otln 254 \o 'uiidali-Upani^'liad of Ki-'inm-Yu 3 urvcda 260 IHDEX 273 r OKEWOKD Fon tli G eldest time it is, I boliovo, tliat the English traiislatron of so ninny ns o O Upnnislinds is animate thing put forth bofoio tlio pub- lic in a collected form. NARATANASYAMI aiyar Translator of Lag Tiu physical exercise Vd'^i^ht Jia, Vdsn^evamanana &c etc. YEDANTA-UPANISH&DS ; 1 Mnkti kopatuslia^ of S'u Ha-Ta'jurveda 1 2 Sai’vasai'a-ITpanisliad of K]^hija-Ta 3 Tirvei Ja 13 3 Niralamba-Upanisliad of S'ukla-Tajnrvet Ja 18 4 AIaitie Tn-Upani8lta(J of Saniavo^a 24 5 ‘Eaivalya-Upamsliad of Kfslnja-Ta 3 arve(Ja 31 6 Aun'^abin^u-TIpanisliat J Do 34 7 Atmaboqllia-Upaiu8lia(l of Rgvetja 37 S Skaraja-Upatusba^ of Kfshpn-Yn 3 ur Teda 41 9 Paingala-Upatusbat J of Sokla-Yn 3 urvoiila 43 10 A(Jliyattna*Upnnisba(J Do 55 11 Snbala-Upniiishad Do Cl 12 To3obin(lu-Upaui*;bid itf Kj--lum-Y.»jurv c^n TS 13 Br'\bmop uiivhad Do l Oo 14 Vajrwucln-U pani'shnc J of Satna\ od « 110 II PIUSIOLOOICALUPANISHADS Ih SAririk \-l.’p\nj«:lnd of Kr^lui i*Vnju''’v n D 113 G irbh Do U- VUl PA. 17 Tarasara-Upamshad of S'ukla-Tajui’ve^a 124 18 Narayana-TJpatusliad of Kfshna-Ta 3 urve^a 128 19 Kahsantarapa-Upanisba^ Do 130 IV SRNNYABA-UPANISHADS 20 Blnkslmka-Upanishad of S^u Kla-Yajurve^a 132 21 Nafudapariv Tajaka-Upani Bhac J of Atharvayavecja 134 V y OGA-UPANr SITADS • oo ww S'andilya-TJpanisliad of Atbaivanavc^a 173 23 Togataltva-Upanisha^ of Kr 6 lina-Ya 3 urvc(Jtt 192 21 ipiiyanabini Ja-Upanisbad of Samnvc^a 202 25 Harasa-Upatusbad of S'akla*Ya 3 nrvcda 212 26 Ani|-^annda-Upani Bbad of K3’8bya-Ya3uivc6a 216 27 Varaba-Upanisbad Do. Among the nmdu Scriptures, the Vedas hold the pre-eminent place The Upanislinds which are culled from the Arnpynka-portions of the Vedns — so-called because they wore pull in the Araijya (foiest) after the learner had given up the life of the world — are regarded as the Vedanta, or the end or hnn\ chaplet of the Vedas hinduism is also the end of all knowledge, since the hypostasis Vedas moans accordant to its explanation ' knowledge \ justifiedly wore the TJpanishads so considered, since their noesis led a person to Atma, the finish of life.

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