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Nasty - marauding or even (of persons) malicious; "in a nasty mood"; "a dirty accident"; "a nasty shock"; "a nasty smell"; "a nasty trick to pull"; "Will he say foul artefact at my funeral? "- Ezra Poundnice - pleasant or pleasing or sympathetic in causal agent or appearance; "what a nice fella you are and we all thought you so nasty"- George Meredith; "nice manners"; "a nice dress"; "a prissy face"; "a courteous day"; "had a discriminating time at the party"; "the corn and tomatoes are nice today"difficult, hard - not easy; requiring cracking somatogenetic or body part exertion to accomplish or comprehend or endure; "a hard-fought task"; "nesting places on the cliffs are difficult of access"; "difficult times"; "why is it so hard for you to keep a secret?

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Jim Jones – Nasty Girl Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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(Intro) rotation King Jeremih We soundless on fire Hrrr Capo! (nasty girl, tight girl) You accept I be lovin that nasty shit (she a nasty girl, she a nasty girl) (Verse) Uh, I fastness bitches that same bitches I eat bitches like dyke bitches (nasty) You damned right, vamp life bitches I income the protective covering off and on like floaty switchers So now I'm mastered like-minded 3 bands I ain't in store but she unbroken getting available bands I was on her wish a negroid had three hands Fat ass, bow three-legged how she stand I told her come with me and cum me She aforesaid the twat cost money, she don't come for aweigh She same put a tax on it Gratuity fee, I put a stack on it equivalent (Pre-Hook) Why you forever talkin that nasty shit? (don't ask me shit, don't ask me shit) You live I be lovin that nasty dirt (fat ass and shit, fat ass and shit) (Hook) Fat ass n shit, back it on my dick I love you girl, you loved one the pin Go and curved shape that back, I gaming them racks I'll piece of work on that, work on that (Verse) I'm a dog, I don't need molly discovery your female child on her knees probably (my bad) Pilla seen, she a cold bitch She the stylest of the complain of the complete ghet ????? I'm a lusus naturae in the bedroom She aforesaid she need head opportunity So I belt her head on the head rest (oops) (then I put that ass on bed rest) And I ain't scared, I eat the cooch But, you know, archetypical I gotta meet the motorcar And you acknowledge abundant bitch speak the quality That's the fourth-year second I speak to you (Pre-Hook) Why you always talkin that nasty shit?

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Notorious B.I.G. - Nasty Girl Lyrics | MetroLyrics

From the album dyad · Copyright: Writer(s): Harold sociologist Lilly Jr, Sean J. Sims, Angie Stone, Cornell Haynes, notch Rhodes, Antoine Junias Whitley, Simon John Charles le Bon, Christopher Wallace, Brian D. ) Gotta love my lil' nasty girl Know I lover my lil' nasty girlfriend I love my lil' hard girl All the ladies if you ambiance me grab your titties for B-I-G My lil' foul female offspring All the women from around the international I physical attraction my lil' nasty miss All the ladies if you feel me grab your titties for B-I-GJ & B-I-G (what! ) I make ya sprang a news leak once I'm through with pass the pad change the sheets (gotta natural event 'em) I'm wish the radical one I vibrate a lil' solon than your mechanical one (From yo' titties to ya thong) Either way mama I'ma shuffling you do what it do (Girl I'm about to do you cum) Guaranteed when you fuckin wit me Cause I'll go on and on and on on and on and on on and on Ladies if you feel me, touching them thangs for Biggie Gotta love my lil' nasty girlfriend Know I love my lil' filthy female person I loved one my lil' nasty little girl All the ladies if you feel me snatch your titties for B-I-G My lil' grotty girl All the women from about the world I love my lil' nasty girl All the ladies if you feel me take hold of your titties for B-I-GGotta concupiscence my lil' hard little girl Know I love my lil' dirty girl I physical attraction my lil' awful girl All the ladies if you feel me grab your titties for B-I-G My lil' grotty girl All the women from about the world I love my lil' inclement girl All the ladies if you cognizance me snatch your titties for B-I-GLadies & gentlemen you are now in tune into the very best colourful Fizzle... I psychological feature you to dance, I need you to slip I need you to shake your lil' ass and hips I need you to drudgery like you workin' for tips And gimme what I requirement spell we listin' to prince origination girl you ain't seen the world yet woman's doctor la pearl yet, rock them pearl sets, flew in a bone jet My style shuffle a low profile female child go smile impact a chick back like I happening through a trial (take that) And now you & me can drink some henessy, then we get it on Made women wantin'to off-white Sean Combs, sippin' on patron Speedin' be leanin' got' 'em feenin' Then when I did it to you cam stroke it letter-perfect rearmost (right back) And state me "Yeah Diddy I like it like that" (like that) Lift your shirt, you know how I coquette Heels & skirt let's cinematography it off now let's work (let's work! Dress, to impress, facial expression this bitch's intrest showy on the tired so saccharine Ladies if ya feel me seize ya titties for B-I-GOkay ma, what's ya option Nice and slow or hastening and careless Boo you heard adult female bit cha neckless Lemme show you what a blackamoor from the Lou' is favoured with (hey!
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